So Cal Writers Conference, Day One

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I’ll revert to my journalism days and give you the hookline first: It’s time to get educated in social media and non-print forms of publishing – NOW. Because that will be the future for all of us, whether we print book purists like it or not.

Most importantly, the future is happening now.

I’ve been working with social media and other publishing platforms for the past several months — this blog being one such example — but at the Southern California Writers Conference, I had my eyes opened wide, peeled back and filled with the light of the future. I will break this down much more thoroughly in the coming days and weeks, but for starters, buy a copy of David Mathison’s book Be The Media and visit his website. The book is $35. Don’t ask questions; spend the money. You’ll have one of the best instantly applicable tickets to the publishing future that I have yet seen. For the other best ticket, go to and buy Linton Robinson’s ebook on social media.

David Mathison’s story, in a nutshell: On January 20, 2009, he was working as a VP at the Reuters News Agency, and writing Be The Media. He had no advance sales, no publishing contract, and didn’t know when he would finish. He Tweeted about what he was doing. The president of a foundation responded and told him to be at a conference. He dropped what he was doing and went to the conference, and spoke briefly. Two days later, the woman wired him the money for 5,000 copies of his book (5,000 x $35 = money math we all like!). Just like that — from one social media connection — his life has changed forever.

One thing David said that should make everyone look again at how they’re promoting their books: “I was the vice president of Reuters, the world’s largest news agency. Now, every one of us can reach as many people instantly as Reuters did.”

Invest in your future by getting these two works. Like David Mathison said in the keynote last night, most of us are in the same boat he was in a year ago — but all of us can climb into the yacht by using social media and being open and ready for the opportunities that WILL present themselves.

Much more later…


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