366 Days of the Writing Life (in all its forms)

Hello, everyone. Beginning Monday, Oct. 5 and continuing for 366 days thereafter, I’m going to be blogging on all aspects of the writing life – the business side, the daily practice, building your platform as an author, different forms and techniques, books or reference materials to check out, publications, reading and cross-reading tips, comments from authors, agents and editors, and much, much more. In other words, I will be pouring my 33 years as a professional writer and editor into this blog.

This will serve as a broad stroke of material for those who would like to enlist our assistance in writing books, publishing on many different media platforms, writing book proposals, editing and the like. It will also paint the picture of how wonderfully adventurous (and incredibly challenging) the writing life can be, as experienced by myself and my writing friends – many of them esteemed authors, musicians and artists. It will also serve as a de facto online companion to my newest book, The Write Time, which is now available nationally through Barnes & Noble, Border’s, all indie bookstores, and online booksellers that include:

  • http://www.bn.com
  • http://www.amazon.com
  • http://www.penandpublish.com.
  • Buckle your seat belts, sharpen your pencils, hook up your iPods and get ready. We begin this great adventure Monday, October 5. Hope you join us for the ride – and may it take you wherever you want to go with your writing aspirations.


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