The Next 100 Days

Today, the nation will watch as our first African-American president is sworn into office. No matter how incredible the occasion, many of us will watch with high hopes and held breaths as to what President Obama will do to solve our nation’s myriad problems and issues — much of them very, very serious.

Traditionally, incoming presidents make a list of the key policies, initiatives or decisions they’d like to enact in their first 100 days in office. These lists are packed, and involve a level of focus and intent well beyond the normal daily output. If successful, they also set the tone for the policy and philosophy that follow.

One hundred days … just shy of 3 1/2 months. The time stretches between today and April 30.

I’d like to invite everyone to bring the “Next 100 Day” mentality to your writing. What can you accomplish in the next 100 days? What would you like to accomplish? Sweep yourselves up in the spirit of the land, and write down three to five articles, books, pieces of research, stories or other writing-related matters you’d like to accomplish in the next 100 days. Make your goals ambitious and lasting. Maybe you want to create the perfect writing office that feeds your creativity while serving your business. Perhaps you want to get your next book off the ground, and write much of it — or all of it. Or, you may sign up for that online course or writer’s conference that provides you the material and information to grow as a writer. There’s even a big conference in the middle of the 100-day window — The Write Time Teens ‘N Twenties Conference in Bloomington, IN on April 11.

Make your checklist of writing-related achievements for the next 100 days. After each item, write in your journal what the work will entail, but also what you envision after the work is completed. Is there another book behind this one? Will you write more articles? Will your progress require you to move? Or switch genres? Be sure to lay eyes on your envisioned outcome before starting the journey, and work toward that milestone every day. Then set out a plan of action whereby you can complete your work — and launch yourself into the next 100 days.

Check back with us after April 30. We’d love to hear what you created during these auspicious 100 days.


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