2009: The Write Time!

A few quick comments and links with which to start the New Year…

First of all, the book on which I’ve been working throughout the fall, The Write Time: 366 Exercises to Fulfill Your Writing Life, is now finished. It will be released by Pen & Publish on July 1. I’ve spent 10 years developing exercises for my writing workshops, so some of the exercises have already been tested and utilized. There are exercises to suit every genre and level of writing; many are used by professional writers throughout the country, some well-published.

The Write Time is being targeted to colleges and universities, high schools, writing organizations, conferences and groups, and professional, recreational and aspiring writers. It will be available in chain and independent bookstores, as well as all major online booksellers. You can check out some of the exercises that appear in The Write Time by going to our companion blog, 366writing.wordpress.com, or visiting my website.

On April 25, we’re previewing The Write Time in a big way. Pen & Publish is presenting the first annual Write Time Teens and Twenties Writers Conference in Bloomington, IN. Mystery novelist Michael Koryta will be the keynote speaker. There will be several featured presenters, among them literary agent Verna Dreisbach, who heads the Capitol City Young Writers organization. I will be conducting a pair of workshops, as well as hosting a book signing following the conference. I will also preview The Write Time in early May with a series of workshops in Denver and Montrose, CO.

Pre-ordering will be available beginning in February by visiting Pen & Publish’s website.

Look for much more on The Write Time — and for the March 15 launch of The Write Time’s official website — where you can post and publish your writings from the exercises!


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