Finally — the Word Journeys Blog!

Greetings, writers and those who love the written word in its many shapes and forms! After a couple of years of people asking for this blog, here we go. Every day, I will post what is happening in this writer’s world. Since I have my hands in a million different projects (it seems), this blog will be thoroughly diverse and reflect what I know to be the world of a writer — one in which every moment, experience, expression and personal contact counts. Living the life of a writer is living a life of constant presence. What could be greater?

On this blog, I’m going to post some of my newest works, but also make it a forum to discuss poetry and writing, share news about authors with whom I have the pleasure to work or commisserate, post some book reviews, and at times, create online workshops of sorts. I’ll also throw some killer links up to sites that are great for readers and writers, and we’ll have occasional discussion groups. If you love to write as much as I do, and you want writing to be a central part of your life, well…you’re in the right place!

Today, I’m sitting in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, preparing for a very busy three days of teaching writing workshops in Tucson. On Thursday, I’ll present “Writing Well-Sung: Using Your Fullest Voice” to a small salon-style group of working writers. On Saturday, I’ll present my signature workshop, “Writes of Life” (based on my award-winning book; actually, the book came from years of doing this workshop). Then on Sunday, I address the Society of Southwestern Authors’ monthly luncheon on the subject of “self-editing” — a topic you’ll see a lot of on this blog.

So meantime, let me introduce you to my website,, which has all kinds of great resources and readings — plus the calendar of upcoming workshops. Also, check out and, part of the Oculus Media publishing group that I’m involved with.

As for a book to read? Here’s a good one: “Burning Bright,” by Tracy Chevalier (the author of “Girl With A Pearl Earring”). This book is set in late 18th century England, featuring two intertwined families in the poor Lambeth section of London and their not-yet-illustrious neighbor — William Blake. If you want to see a great example of a writer portraying a literary giant in a SECONDARY role, grab this book. It’s also a wall-to-wall fantastic read!

So grab a book, dip into your journals, and let’s have some fun. See you tomorrow!
Bob Yehling

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